Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Pencil Thievery, part I

Whenever i get invited to advance film screenings, or fashion press days at one of the Firmdale Hotels (it's usually The Charlotte Street, Covent Garden, Soho or Haymarket) my heart does a little dance. They are gloriously swish and it feels very decadent to watch films sitting sunk low in cowhide or luxurious velvet chairs, usually with one hand clamped round a glass of wine, in the company of only a dozen or so others, OR to hang around a ba da bing bling indoor pool (at the Haymarket) or lavish suites taking notes on the new season's trends. But, if i'm honest, what really gets me excited are the SERIOUSLY COOL pencils that sit atop the reception counters in each of the hotel foyers and by which i am obsessed, and therefore make a point of taking handfuls of every time i happen to go in. they're the stripey ones in the middle of this picture, and each hotel does theirs in a different colour. I pretty much write in pencil the whole time (I occasionally make an exception for 0.7 uniballs) and am very fussy about which ones i use. i like a rubber at the end and the kind of wood that makes shavings that are neatly curled (rather than flaking off in tiny bits) without feeling too rubbery or plasticy (these look quite pink in case you're interested). Happily and handily my friend Sophie collects pencil shavings, so we are very well matched, and i especially look out for brightly coloured pencils so her collection is more exciting. the pencils above are the ones on my desk today. i have more in my desk drawers, all my handbags, plus my in bedroom, kitchen and living room. none in the bathroom though, i don't think.

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  1. OMG. would you disown me if I 'borrowed' your pencil picture?